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The world is awash in problems.

Nelson, British Columbia

Is the Solution

Build your
life here

Luxury within reach

In Nelson, BC, you can have the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to earn.

Our team of experts provide bespoke ‘concierge’ services to bring you home.

Everything from sourcing and recommending the perfect piece of property, to connecting you with our team of architects and designers, to  building your dream home: it's all part of our service to you.

Legal, tax, immigration consultation and more are part of our suite of services.

About Modus Vivendi

mō-dəs-vi-ˈven-dē; mō-dəs-vi-ˈven-dī | Noun. From the Latin:

  1. way of life
  2. a feasible arrangement, especially: one that bypasses difficulties

Modus Vivendi is an exclusive provider of relocation and construction-management services to discerning clientele. Our personalized attention to every client means that we take no more than 10 projects per year.

Do you want to be an anonymous one-in-a-million customer, buying someone else's dream? Or are you the one-in-ten who deserves a bespoke homebuilding and relocation service?

“Better than Banff? In British Columbia, Nelson is a contender.”


“We can't think of a better place to live and play”

– Vancouver sun

“The metropolitan meets the mountains at this hippy enclave nestled in the heart of the Kootenay Mountains”


“Six hours’ drive from anywhere, this is the town that time forgot – for the past century, its population largely stuck at 10,000 friendly souls. … its petite charm is what makes it so special.”


“With a compact, pedestrian friendly downtown core jammed with boutique style stores, natural foods outlets, yoga studios, outdoor gear outlets and eclectic, offbeat restaurants and cafes, Nelson has something for everyone.”


“Desperately seeking powder snow? Go north and east. Our first stop: the adorable town of Nelson, B.C.”

– Seattle Times

“Tucked reclusively into the Kootenay region of south-central British Columbia, Whitewater remains a veritable secret to many skiers and snowboarders.”


“When “The 100 Best Small Art Towns In America” was published—which includes Canada’s best, too—it gave Nelson, BC top billing for Canada. The publishers got it right.”


“A beautiful combination of the drier dirt and terrain that we find more inland and that really rich and lush soil that you see on the coast...Kind of like an outdoorsy guys dream.”

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